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Tee-Ming Chew

Asked on 30 Aug 2018

What are some lifestyle changes that save money?


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Shannen Tan
Shannen Tan
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 07 Jun 2019

Personally feel like working adults spend a lot because they choose a convienent option over one that is cheaper but a bit more time-consuming. It helps when you are aware of your spending habits and develop some alternatives that balances between time and expenses.

  • Find cheaper ways to deal with the cost of your caffiene intake. If your workplace has no pantry, try to stick to hawker centres / non air-conditioned food courts where the price of coffee will tend to be cheaper than those at Koufu / Food Republic etc. If you are desperate for coffee and you need to cave - try to look at coffee deals near your area (i.e. Jewel Coffee now and then will have 1-for-1 for a week between 3pm-5pm; Joe & Dough has a 8 cups of coffee for $39 etc.)

  • Try to be aware of the reasons why you have to resort to taking Grab / Taxi. Over time, these cost will certainly add up. If it's a habitual spend to somewhere not so ulu, check in with yourself and plan to wake up earlier by taking the public transport. If you find the public transport boring, use it to spend time with yourself by reading interesting news or ebooks or listening to podcasts - things you probably are interested in but haven't spent much time on it.

  • Check on how much you spend on your healthcare costs. Go to the polyclinic if you have time to queue to see a doctor - consultation costs are $12.50 for Singaporeans (vs. $25 and up for private doctors). If you have no time, be a GetDoc+ member at $1/month where short consultation costs from nearby private doctors are fixed at $15.

  • Meal Prep - if really saves a lot of money but it can be time-consuming and quite exhausting. Ask your meal-rep friends or research for basic recipes you can just easily throw together and heat up. This sounds sad but I eat boiled sweet potatos and 2 hard boiled eggs to save money on lunch and beat the lunch crowd.

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Tee-Ming Chew
Tee-Ming Chew

29 Oct 2018

I guess as a working adult, you tend to spend more because you feel you "deserved" it after much hard work... Thanks for the tips!
Jeff Yeo
Jeff Yeo, amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 29 Sep 2018
  • Don’t buy drinks, bring your own bottle

  • give up Starbucks and drink freeze dry coffeee instead

  • take less grab and taxis

  • Meal prep and bring it to work

  • Club less - drinks, cover charge and taxi home after really adds up to a lot

  • Replace old house hold appliance, yes there is an upfront cost but longer term the energy savings will be better

  • switch to Led lighting 💡

Not cost savings but save the earth

  • bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket

  • Bring your own tumblers when you da bao coffee

  • say no to straws

  • reuse plastic bags

  • say no to plastic bags


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HC Tang
HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 29 Sep 2018

Self - daily

  • Beside meal preps, purposely find cheaper hawker options to dine instead of artisan or expenses poke bowls or full grain premium lunch

  • If no time can't do meal preps weekday, do it on weekend. This way able to learn how to cook, new culinary skills and add points to yourself.

  • Daily lunch don't buy drinks. Go back office enjoy part of the employee perks, free coffee or tea. Nothing less than the coffee shop outside too.

  • Skip Starhucks and go for less crowded meal place with meals that include drinks, food, drinks and chat at the same place, no need to hunt around and waste $ for tea/toast.

  • Better still is to bring own resusable waterbottle, chill half ice and add water when go out to save $ on buying chill / favoured drinks, healthier too since no sugar.

  • No grab / taxi, just use bus, walk (good for health) more and enjoy the scenery along the way, helps clear our mind and form new thoughs and creative thinking too

  • Smoker slowly quit smoking or find deals for the moment when buying in bulk

  • Club less chill more at friend's place, condo downstairs / resting areas. BYOD and enjoy.


  • Need not buy newspaper or magazines, only read news feed from CNA, Bloomberg and the news app besides facebook follows these news channel.

  • At home use only 2 hours air cond to cool down and turn on fan together as it will maintain the coolness.

  • Always off light when no use beside switching to LED bulb.

  • Always off the tap when showering (some people let it flow!!!)

  • Resuse washing machine water after wash to flush toilet bowl and wash the toilet floor (already mix with soap!)

Sports / Exercise!

to sign up. All citizen regardless if had gotten a free tracker or not or have sign up before or not, will get a free step tracker with heartbeat measurements! Exercise and win voucher! Why not ? :) ​​​


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Isabella Jo
Isabella Jo
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 30 Aug 2018

Use fan instead of aircon (been there, doing that)

Stop buying drink when you eat out (save money and healthier too).

Bring your own lunch (my wish list but I value my sleeping time more 🙊)


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Jason Sin
Jason Sin
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 29 Sep 2018

Use a mug to hold the water during brushing of teeth. Use led light bulbs.


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