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Posted on 26 Sep 2018

What are some good ways to give allowance to your parents?

Some people mentioned we could top up their CPF to get more tax rebate. Is it a good way to give our parents the allowance? Also would be good to hear more hacks to this


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Top up MA is good. Because old people tend to use more medical claim. Plus, CPF MA or SA/RA got higher interest rate.

If your parent not in immediate need of money, CPF top up is good.​​​


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27 Sep 2018

Thanks for your input! What if my parents are already more than 65? Does this still work?


Serene Toh

Serene Toh

Level 9. Genius

Posted on 14 Nov 2018

Asked my parents if they want me to gave cash or top up CPF. They say cash. The cash helps them deal with their daily expense. CPF too complicated for the elderly to deal with. (They are way pass retirement already)



Allowance for Parent and Tax Rebate need not be done together.

Usually allowance are for Parents...

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