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Asked on 29 Apr 2019

What are some good way to pick stocks?

I see so many stocks analysis on Seedly. How do they go about doing it and what is a simple guide as to how I can pick stocks?


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    There are several ways to pick stocks. Longer-term investors have mostly relied on funamental analysis while short term traders focus on technical analysis when it comes to picking stocks.

    Technical Analysis - This involves predicting future stock price movements on the basis of historical patterns.

    Fundamental Analysis - Analysing company's present stock prices and finding if it reflects future revenue generating potential for the companies.


    Samuel Yip

    27 Jun 2019

    Pick a sector that you have an interest in. Ranging from real estate, tech companies, manufacturing, oil and gas, banks. Choose a sector that intrigues you the most. Start off from there and then you can either choose to go the FA or TA route. Having an interest will set you off with knowledge about the industry. This will give you a head start rather than random picks. Hope this helps.
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