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Posted on 08 Dec 2019

What airlines can I go for?

If I'm looking to transfer miles from my citibank and UOB cards, which airlines can I look at?

And if I want to transfer my miles to airlines like Emirates, is it impossible?

Thank you.


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Hi anon,

Unfortunately Citibank and UOB cards cannot transfer their miles/points to Emirates. You'll need a SCB card or Amex card for that.

Citibank does have a wide range of transfer partners so you can consider utilizing your UNI$ first since they have an expiry and citimiles don't. Now, I won't go as far as to say that one airline is definitely better than the other, but Cathay Pacific (Asiamiles) is still quite good, if you have already tried SQ and wanted to look at other airlines for redemption.

The good thing about having KF miles is that you can take advantage of spontaneous escapes (every month) to further reduce the cost of your redemptions on SQ.



Krisflyer is the one to go. I feel SQ is better off than Emirates.



SIA with Krisflyer.

It helps that Singapore is an airhub, so SIA can offer great promotion deals fo...

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