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Updated on 24 Apr 2019

We are a Singaporean (M) / Non-resident (F) couple planning to purchase a HDB flat(3/4 room). Anybody tried appealing to buy BTO? Or everyone will go the resale route?

Understand that our situation makes us ineligible to buy BTO, but just want to see whether anybody tried appealing to HDB successfully. Resale flat is too expensive and cashflow is a big problem...


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John Smiths
John Smiths,
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 19 Apr 2019

The eligibility conditions for buying a HDB BTO flat are stated in this website link:

While you can try appealing to HDB (email [email protected] or visit your nearest HDB branch directly), it is unlikely they will grant an exception to your case because that would mean opening the floodgates for future similar appeal cases.

You are better applying for Singapore PR for the foreigner (F) in the couple if you are planning to get married and go for the HDB BTO flat afterwards. Or build up more cashflow to go down the HDB resale flat route to save yourself the trouble and inconvenience of approaching HDB for an exception appeal that is unlikely to be granted.


Nur Fadhilah, Senior Team Administrator at Gsk
Level 1. Freshie
Answered on 24 Apr 2019

I was faced with similar situation back last year. I’m a Singaporean (F) and my spouse is on LTVP (M). We intended to apply for BTO, but was advised (via email, phone call and at the HDB Hub) that we are only able to get the 2-rooms BTO options or go for resale if we would prefer 3-rooms and above.

You may consider going to MP in your current residential area to get assistance for your appeal.


Xinyi Lum
Xinyi Lum, Content Strategist at Seedly
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Answered on 24 Apr 2019

Hey! You can apply for a BTO (Singaporean) but you will fall under Case 4 as elaborated on here:

You'll be considered under the singles scheme and are eligble for the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) (Singles) – Grant amount of up to $20,000. Half of the average household monthly income for the 12 months before the flat application must not exceed $2,500.

You could also check out more information for non-citizen spouse scheme here.