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Asked by Lipton Tee

Asked on 04 Dec 2019

Ways to fly round trip Singapore - Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) in Business in miles?

Hi all, I am compiling a list of ways to fly to Tokyo, Japan in Business class using miles and from what I know, the current methods are:

  1. Eva Air (1 stop) - 50,000 Infinity Mileagelands miles
  1. Singapore Airlines - 94,000 (Business Saver), 65,800 (Spontaneous Escapes Business Saver) KrisFlyer miles
  1. Japan Airlines - 122,000 AsiaMiles

Is there any other ways to redeem a Business class using a miles currency that can be obtained with a Singapore credit card? (e.g. DBS, Citi, Amex)


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Hi Lipton Tee (tea?) :)

Great list, that's pretty much what's on the market when it comes to FFP and points from bank cards.

Two weeks ago I would have said Aegean as I credit my flight miles there (since there's no expiry) and had done a J redemption for an upcoming trip to Japan for less than 50K miles, but now it's gone up to 65K. Although you can't transfer to Aegean from any local bank, you can still buy miles when they are on sale. The same for Alaskan Mileage Plan. So you could buy Alaskan miles and put the spend on credit card earning miles on that as well.​​​


Lipton Tee
Lipton Tee

06 Dec 2019

Hi, thanks for the detailed response. It seems like to take advantage of Aegean and Alaskan Mileage Plan, I have to buy the miles when they are on sale instead of exchanging them through a local bank credit card points. Not what I was originally looking for, but it is something that I have not considered, and I will definitely look into them more. From what I saw on Milelion, buying the miles and redeeming them on Aegean/Alaska is much more cheaper than buying a full fare Business Class return to Tokyo. (S$1.3k buying miles VS S$2.5k normal price)
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

06 Dec 2019

Yes that's right. Definitely if you can find award space, then buying miles during a sale is cheaper. You could just buy what's needed to top up your current balance to a point where you can cash out.
Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

Your planning to take the best/most worth route to Narita is already very good.

But let me warn you about the SIA Spontaneous Escapes Business Saver. The business seats you get are one of the worst businesss class offering in SIA. It tends to be the Boeing 777-200 or 777-300. My friend took it, while the soft product is not much difference from the other kind of planes, the seat wasn't great and it looks old. Plus the business class seat could not recline to full flat down unlike the newer business classseats product such as in the Airbus A 380. Please take note


Shengshi Chiam, Cfa
Shengshi Chiam, Cfa, Personal Finance Lead at Endowus
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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

You can also use the stopover trick that Milelion writes about, it is a very cost efficient way of going to Tokyo, along with using spontaneous escapes

Just to share, i called the SQ hotline and book a Perth to Tokyo flight, with Singapore as a stopover.

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Lipton Tee
Lipton Tee

06 Dec 2019

Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, the two cost efficient ways to go to Tokyo is to: 1. Use the SQ US$100 Stopover trick - save miles by booking two trips to two locations at once 2. Use SQ Spontaneous Escapes - 66K miles for Tokyo return instead of 94K From what I saw on Milelion, it seems like Spontaneous Escapes cannot combine with the US$100 stopover trip, so no extra mile savings there.