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Huang Yixuan

Asked on 11 Jul 2019

[URGENT!!] How do I open a joint account on DBS?

I can't find any resources online to help me with this, some questions I have

  1. Can I do it online or must go down to branch?

  2. Which accounts are applicable for joint account? I tried opening an eSavings account and there's no option to add another account holder

  3. Are there fall below fees for these savings accounts?


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Yinghua Liu
Yinghua Liu
Level 5. Genius
Updated on 12 Jul 2019
  1. You can open a DBS account online but to add a joint name to the account, you have to head down to the bank with the other person and his/her NRIC.

  2. POSB Everyday Savings, DBS Multi currency account.

  3. For account with less than min amount, fall below fees are as indicated in the link.



ūüĎć 1
Huang Yixuan
Huang Yixuan

12 Jul 2019

This is so helpful ūüĎć
jiajing wang

12 Jul 2019

Add on to yinghua: make sure the other party is Singaporean and not foreigners if not yinghua reply does not apply. You will need billing records(proof of the most recent residential address) of the one joining with also