SeedlyTV EP05

Talk about REITs with Rusmin from The Fifth Person. LIVE on 23rd May 8 - 9pm. Don't miss out!

SeedlyTV EP05

We brought Rusmin from The Fifth Person down to share about REITs with us! Join us as we learn more about the world of REITs together. If you have any other questions regarding REITs, ask away! You can check out what was covered here!

  • Introduction of Rusmin from The Fifth Person-- 1:30-2:40
  • [Mini icebreaker] 2 Truths, 1 Lie-- 2:50-4:50
  • What are REITs?-- 5:00-6:55
  • Advantages of REITs (Start-up capital)-- 7:00-8:35
  • How can one start investing in REITs?-- 8:37-8:55
  • Advantages of REITs (Liquidity)-- 9:00-10:00
  • Advantages of REITs (Diversification)-- 10:05-12:55
  • Advantages of REITs (Tax exemption)-- 12:58-14:55
  • Advantages of REITs (Yield)-- 15:00-16:10
  • Advantages of REITs (Hassle-free)-- 16:15-18:20
  • Disadvantages of REITs (Leverage)-- 18:40-21:05
  • Disadvantages of REITs (Interest Rate)-- 21:10-22:15
  • Disadvantages of REITs (Volatility)-- 22:16-23:35
  • A list of REITs in Singapore-- 23:55-24:55
  • The different sectors of REITs in Singapore-- 25:30-29:35
  • Q&A with Rusmin from The Fifth Person-- 29:42-51:56
  • [Mini icebreaker] Reveal of 2 Truths, 1 Lie-- 52:00-57:55

    - Rusmin Ang (Co-founder, The Fifth Person)
    - Kenneth Lou (Co-founder, Seedly -Moderator)

    NOTE: SeedlyTV is a series which will be covering topics via LIVE video and QnA on the Seedly platform. We will be inviting speakers to cover relevant topics in personal finance: Insurance, Debt, Saving, Spending and Investing. 

-This is a Seedly organised event-

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