SeedlyTV EP02

Miles Game: Travel Hacks with Milelion. LIVE on Tuesday, 9th April from 8-9pm.

SeedlyTV EP02

"How do you travel with comfort without splurging big sums of money?"

"Isn't luxury travel only for the rich and famous?"

SeedlyTV EP02 presents: Travel Hacks with Milelion. In this episode of SeedlyTV, we have The Milelion who will be sharing some travel hacks with us.

You can check out what was covered here:

  • Intro of Aaron Wong, Founder of Milelion? --1:40-6:00
  • How do you differentiate between Miles and Cashback rewards for credit cards? --6:30-8:25
  • How do you choose between a miles and a cashback card? --8:35-17:00
  • The Milelion's best and worst airline experience --18:00-25:05
  • Some tips and strategies for couples and individuals who want to start on miles --25:15-30:00
  • Giveaway details --30:00-32:00
  • QnA with The Milelion --32:15-56:00

NOTE: SeedlyTV is a series which will be covering topics via LIVE video and QnA on the Seedly platform. We will be inviting speakers to cover relevant topics in personal finance: Insurance, Debt, Saving, Spending and Investing. 

-This is a Seedly organised event-

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