SeedlyTV EP01

Beginner's Guide to Personal finance. LIVE on Wednesday 27th March 8-9pm!

SeedlyTV EP01

"I'm completely lost when it comes to managing my own money... Where to start?"

Many of us have these questions when we leave school, start our first job, and start to realise that nobody taught us how to manage our money. Fear not!

SeedlyTV EP01 presents: A Beginner's Guide To Personal Finance. In this episode of SeedlyTV, we have Kenneth Lou, Co-Founder of Seedly who will be sharing some basics to help you increase your knowledge on personal finance!

You can check out what was covered here:

SeedlyTV is a series which will be covering topics via LIVE video and QnA on the Seedly platform. We will be inviting speakers to cover relevant topics in personal finance: Insurance, Debt, Saving, Spending and Investing.

-This is a Seedly organised event-

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