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Cassandra Tho
Cassandra Tho
Level 5. Genius
Updated on 18 Apr 2019
I'm Cassandra, the community specialist from CoAssets. Allow me to give you the objective view of my findings. All calculations except for Capital Match are according to MAS's standards. Rate of returns per annum in 2018, ranked according to weighted average returns) 1. Minterest: 3.5-24% (Weighted ave: 12.95%) 2. CoAssets: 9-10% (Weighted Ave: 9.91%) 3. Moolahsense 5.90%-16.82% (Weighted Ave: 9.9%) 4. Funding Societies: 6.51-17.79% (Weighted Ave: 9.32%) 5. SeedIn: 7-20% (Weighted Ave: 8.33%) 6. Capital Match: 15-20% APR (Weighted Ave: unknown) Default rates (measured as non-performing loan rate beyond 30days) in 2018, ranked in descending order 1. Moolahsense: 14.82% 2. Minterest: 0.59% 3. Funding Societies: 0.47% 4. SeedIn: 0.32% 5. Capital Match: 0.20% 6. CoAssets: 0.00% Note that stats are according to internal standards and not MAS's criteria. Even after 90 days, Capital Match does not classify it as a default, unless the company is in the windup, has undergoing lawsuits, or the director(s) declare bankruptcy. Furthermore, Capital Match does not have an updated statistic based on 2018; thus this internally calculated rate is for 2017. In summary, the services these platforms provide are similar. All these platforms provide opportunities for retail investors to invest in a variety of projects. The difference is that CoAssets is the only listed online funding platform which means that they're obliged to give transparent performance updates twice a year. Their rate of returns, default rates and profits are under the scrutiny of the Australian exchange and the public, bare for all to see. As for the rest, the data provided above was based on the information provided on their website. Another factor to consider is hidden costs like service fees or surcharges within the rate of returns. For CoAssets specifically, the investors get the full interest back. For others, for example, the interest rate may be 20% but they may charge a 1% service fee resulting in an actual return of 19% only. I'm open to discussing any of the mentioned points should someone else's findings be different. I hope this helps. References: MAS guidelines: Moolahsense: Minterest: Funding Societies: SeedIn: CoAssets: Capital Match: