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    Yong Kah Hwee

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    Answered 3h ago
    Take a leave of absence and try to apply for an internship in that area! It'd be hard to get an internship but at least he can try! Or he can borrow notes from a computer science friend and study it for a bit and see how he likes it
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    Yixiong Chang

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    measure it while she is sleeping? use a string. Just to get an approximate. Or if she has any of her own rings? U can take measurements/photos(on a measuring tape) of that. With an approximate the jewelsmith will usually size it just slightly bigger. So try to find the best approximate u can. As Yang Teng mentioned, u can get it resized afterwards.
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    Lok Yang Teng

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    Answered 3w ago
    I can't help but ask if it's $50 per week, how come 300 a month ? (There's at most 4 weeks in a month haha) There's pros and cons. As do with many such plans, you're trying to limit their spending (which could be effective) but you're not advising them how to . For example, they can can just indulge in KOI tea twice a day, just below the $10. The habit is simply not desirable. Another concern is him suddenly inundated with such amount of cash from just $50. There is a high chance of just splurging it on electronics or what nots (by that i mean earpiece, shoes, etc). I suggest for him to keep a statement of his weekly expentiture, if it seems acceptable to you, then you can transit to montly $300 . Also, I dont think you should be paying for his weekend outings. I feel anything not considered a necessity (transport (to school), food, education) should be paid by him personally. (Phone is debatable)
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    Gabriel Tham, Kenichi Tag Team Member at Tag Team
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    Answered 3d ago
    You got a headstart with family business. Maybe you can find ways to transform it instead of going out. Being a family business you have more power to chart the future. If it is brick and mortar, maybe setup a website, start e-commerce for it? I know some friends who have small family business like selling dried food, and went to e-commerce too.
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    Lee Jin Fei Andre
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    Answered 3d ago
    To be honest, if you feel that cutting his allowance will cut you some slack, you are probably: 1. giving him too much in the first place; or 2. if you already are giving him lower than average, it's probably just enough money for recess and could affect his growth in this crucial period of his life Whether it's 1 or 2, he's probably too young to understand the true value of money, especially if he's spending everything you give him. He may not be able to empathise with you both with regards to the situation, and cause greater distress within the family. And if he does, it may cause developmental hindrance especially in matters related to money, which I have experienced before. You are currently at a very tricky crossroad - You can either suffer in silence and let your child come to some realisation (hopefully never and lead a blissful and ignorant childhood till he's old enough to realiseand thank you for all you've done for him) or hope for his understanding by telling him early through reducing his allowance and risk developmental issues. For either way you as parents will have the shorter end of the stick, and this is one of the challenges of parenthood you will have to face. So you have to make a difficult choice, bearing in mind for one's release from suffering, someone else has to pick up the pieces, whether it be you (the parents) or him (the child).
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    HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
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    Answered 2w ago
    Questions is, why not ? :) But as always, one should finish at least tertiary studies as much as possible for backup and basic as a fallback plan because if it doesn't work out, she can always go back to work for someone or do something else. I believe that parents should always be supporting and encourange children to persue their passion and interest and start young because that's the best time without much commitment and responsibilities, so they can learn / understand better and go much further that us. Why not encourage and help her to register HDB home sole proprietorship and take some home order for events / birthdays / parties and sell cakes , muffins and cookies. But have a talk with her and both agree that studies must comes first and as long as she do her best in her studies, you'll support her in the business. Who knows, maybe before she enter university it is then possible to have the scale to make it a shop and business to fund her own university fees and carve out a living and passion or even be a famous chef one day ! :)
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    Shaun Ong
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    Answered on 25 Oct 2018
    I generally agree with Gabriel. That said, what would happen if your mom's debt isn't cleared? Is there a house to seize? Lost business opportunities due to being a declared bankrupt etc? If not, it might make more sense for her to just declare bankrupt. You can continue supporting her of course, but you can save on the giant debt
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    Gabriel Lee

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    Answered on 24 Oct 2018
    If the repayment amount incurs interest, then you should consider repaying a higher sum each month so as to clear off the debt as soon as possible to reduce the amount of interest payable.
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    Eveline Lau
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    Answered 2w ago
    I’ve not reach that stage of life but from a practical point of view, the following classes would be useful. But the key thing is to actually excel at one of them. 1. Sports - swimming / tennis / badminton These sports can be done individually and when you excel at it, it’s a golden ticket to any school of your choice via DSA as they’re always in demand, especially the top schools. 2. Music Piano is only useful if you are good enough to win something at at least national level because not many schools have piano ensemble and many people can play the piano. Similarly for violin. In this aspect, brass and woodwind instrument are better. Nonetheless, I’ve heard that learning music trains the brain so you might want to consider sending your kid for it anyway. 3. Dance Ballet and contemporary dance are common for DSA. Know “interesting” forms of dance like hip hop are not considered as “know how to dance” in the eyes of the schools. 4. Coding Digital World is the way forward, enough said. Personal opinion is to start as early as you can, as kids absorb knowledge and skills really fast and he/she resists one particular class, there‘s still time to try out other classes till you find one that he/she enjoys. Also, CCAs start as young as P3; if your kid has several years of experience prior to that, the chance of entering the school team is much higher. I was scouted into the school team before CCAs was made available for my year because of my experience. Being in the school team and winning medals look fancier as track records!
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    Devanshi Singh, Investment Planner, Writer, Adviser at Financial Advisory Services
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    First of all congratulations! I guess you are talented than you think and you worrying too much. I can uderstand high paying job as compare to your current job can be overwhelming. I also had that kind of situation few months before but yeah your situation is far more seious as your baby faughter is just 6 months old. I would suggest first talk to your family with whom you live becasue they will be most affected with your decisions of going to other country and for 2 years. Secondly, how is your family's financial situation? Is it extremely difficult to survive in current salary? If not; then you can hold that for now. And if it is difficult then first talk to your present school if they can give you increment, now that you have better offer. Third, If I were you I would have chose to see my daughter growing. This wont come again but job offer can come again. I know you also want that but it won't be easy to shift wih your family and it would be tough to not seeing her face everyday when you reach home. So you can priorities your choice and chose accordingly. I hope my answer helped you little bit.
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