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Posted on 31 May 2020

To the undergraduates, what were some lessons you learnt? Before starting university, what are there things you wished you had done/prepared in advance for?

Any tips and advice?


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Boon Peng

Boon Peng

Level 10. Master

Updated on 01 Jun 2020

Hello there! I think Wenhao has pretty much summarise everything for you. And yes, planning to pay off your school fees is important. The bank charges around 5% p.a. for my school fees, and to put that into perspective, that is $5 for every $100 of loan. If possible, try to secure a scholarship and this will reduce your financial burden.

To be very honest, there is actually nothing much you can prepare for unless you know what career you want after graduation. If you dont have a career goal right now, it is okay to explore around. More importantly, you should enjoy your school life by joining school activities. Lastly, remember to study smart :)​​​



Tay WenHao

Tay WenHao

Level 11. Master

Posted on 31 May 2020

I haven been to uni yet but I'm preparing for it. Maybe you can use for reference and share your ideas too.

Personally, I hate debts. It's been well known in Singapore that many of our graduates came out to the society with huge university debt. With the huge amount of debt, a graduate student will be spending the next few years working to pay off his debt and have minimal savings.

Thus the first thing is to prepare for the fees. School fees, hostel fees, etc. It will be great if your parents are able to afford and pay for all your fees. 1 less thing off your mind. But unfortunately, I'm not as fortunate. The easiest way for me to get the fees out of the picture will be Scholarships / Bursaries or even Bonds with companies. Thus I actively look for opportunities for the above options.

Next, will be on your university lifestyle.

  • Hostel?

  • CCAs?

  • Side hustle for additional income?

  • Internships during sem breaks?

Lastly, I think managing your expenses and savings during university will determine your 'starting point' after university. If you spend extravagantly, on like entertainment and stuffs (which is normal with peer pressure), you will end up with 0 savings. However, if you can learn to resist peer pressure, it help you cultivate the habit of saving, etc. Of course, I'm not saying to avoid all of them, but to manage them carefully and perhaps set a monthly budget for entertainment.


Matthew Tan

Matthew Tan

31 May 2020

Im currently preparing for uni too! Im currently on my last 2 months before ord and matriculating to uni and so I'm sticking to a budget of paying off my existing poly loans and saving for uni as well. Great to see like minded individuals on the same path. I find that some students take on side hustles like tutoring while studying and then internships/part time during holidays. Thats something you can look into as well!


Jit Thong Ling

Jit Thong Ling

Level 7. Genius

Posted on 29 Aug 2020

I'm still serving until Febuary next year! I belive the answers below have shone some light and gave...

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