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Asked on 02 Jul 2019

Thoughts on investing in Sheng Shiong - OV8.SI ?

I’m new at investment and I’m looking at investing in Sheng Siong - OV8.SI. However, I’m not sure if this is a good time to buy. I’ve been monitoring since May and the value has been going up, which is good. With the speculations of an upcoming economic recession, is it a good time to buy now? Or should I wait it out until the recessioni hits and the value might drop? Also, any reviews from anyone who has invested in OV8.SI ? Thanks in advance!


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Darren Chew
Darren Chew
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 03 Jul 2019

I have sold off Sheng Siong in last year Aug at $1.15 after making more than 20% in capital gain exclude dividend. I am planning to buy it back when there is a significant pull back.

Current price is on the high side and the current dividend yield is slightly more than 3%. Sheng Siong is a defensive stock and the upside is limited due to the limitation of grow in Singapore. Their entry into China market may take a few more years for them to bear fruit.

You may want to wait awhile before investing in at a better price.

Lastly, do take note that recession may not come in the near term, however, market is very "kind", it is constantly giving us opportunities to enter and exit. Grab it when it come.


Joke Jong
Joke Jong
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 03 Jul 2019

I bought 1 lot of sheng Siong and I think I will be buying more to keep. I see that for now, at least, they are an organization that is worth investing on. The people, process, target audience, and the overall stability of the business, is quite solid. I’d buy and keep for the long haul.


Catheryn Wong
Catheryn Wong, Lead Marketer at Best Seo Singapore
Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 02 Jul 2019

Pretty decent stock.

Bought at $0.97 last year, sold it at $1.08 this year.

It's not a voliatile stock and dividends are decent, about 2-3% per year.