Asked by Huang Yixuan

Talked to a FA recently who said that an endowment plan is basic for saving, do you guys agree and should I take one up?

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    • Jonathan Chia Guangrong
      Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund
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      Answered on 06 Oct 2018

      What is your purpose for signing into an endowment plan in the first place? Saving up for a big ticket item down the road? Retirement? Or just a form of "forced" savings?

      Personally, I won't recommend getting into endowments or any retail wealth management products out there, including ILPs/unit trusts/mutual funds. They cost too much to put in and you get paltry returns in the end.

      As alternatives to endowment plans, considering buying into Singapore Savings Bonds, or leaving a standing instruction to "force transfer" a sum of money each month into an account giving higher interest, such as POSB's SAYE, CIMB's FastSaver, or Citibank's Maxi Gain. You can also buy into a bond ETF through POSB's Invest Saver programme each month at minimally S$100.

      Hope this helps.

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    • Jim Ng
      Jim Ng, Wealth Manager at Aviva Financial Advisers

      Top Contributor (Nov)

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      Answered on 28 Oct 2018

      Compare between SSB and Endowment Plans here, then think critically for yourself, before making a decision.

      An article I wrote myself to educate Singaporeans about SSB vs Endowment Plans:

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    Gabriel Lee
    Gabriel Lee

    Top Contributor (Nov)

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    05 Oct 2018

    You can consider investing in Singapore Savings Bond which might give better returns, also it's safe and flexible since you can withdraw anytime

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