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Posted on 24 Feb 2020

(Stocks Discussion) SGX: Manulife US REIT (SGX: BTOU)?

Discuss anything about Manulife US REIT (SGX: BTOU) share price, dividend yield, ratios, fundamentals, and if you would buy or sell this REIT on the SGX Singapore market. Do take note that the answers given by our members are just their opinions, so please do your own due diligence before making an investment in Manulife US REIT (SGX: BTOU).


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Frankie Rappaport

Frankie Rappaport

Level 16. Sage

Posted on 25 Feb 2020

Dividends not considered and acknowleding

it's short life:

better than VNG, but underperforming (as to capital appreciation) SP500




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