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Asked on 15 Aug 2019

(Stocks Discussion) SGX: Far East Orchard [SGX: O10]?


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Isaac Chan
Isaac Chan, Business at NUS
Level 8. Wizard
Updated on 15 Aug 2019

Far East Orchard is a famous property developer in Singapore. Notable properties of the company include Novena Health Centre and Novena Specialist Centre. I had been to these 2 centres lately, and was quite impressed by the work of the firm. Here, I do a brief F-Piotroski analysis on the stock.


These numbers were taken from SGX and the annual report.


Based on the F Score, it can be seen that Far East Orchard's financials have neutral financial health. This is because the firm's performance has slowed down lately, despite high profitability margins.

Personally, I would prefer to look at a stock with improving financial health, and cheap valuation. Although Far East Orchard's valuation is cheap, certain aspects of their financial performance is left to be desired.