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Asked 2w ago

Should I withdraw my Aviva Navigator investments?

I invested a lump sum of $50000 CPF OA money into aviva navigator back in March 2017. And I followed it up with a monthly investment of $1000for the recent last 10months. Till date my total investments is $60000 with a total percentage profit returns of about 42%. My question is should I take the profits and terminate the investment? Or is there still much upsides to come? Aviva Navigator does regular rebalancing of portfolios. Is that good enough to ensure consistent increase in returns? TIA!


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    Hi Anon! Even though I don't work with Aviva however I hope my advice makes sense.

    Personally before making such a decision, I would consult with the agent who sold you the policy as he/she should have your best interests at heart. However in my opinion, you need to look to see if there is any surrender value and if there are any further charges you may have to pay. It's simply because ILPs tend to have high distribution costs and I recommend you look at your product summary and policy values at the moment before you decide.


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    Benjamin Goh

    1w ago

    Thanks for sharing! If you want to see the potential of increasing the value of your investments the best way would be to look at the current performance of Aviva participating funds and to study their annual bonus report which they should have sent to you by now.

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    5d ago

    Thank you for your reply. Will look into it. Thks!
    Thank You!
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