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Should I upgrade my Aviva Mindef Group Term Insurance to 1M coverage? or get a separate plan for 1M from Aviva? Is there any difference? Also, is Aviva Multiplay plan III a good plan to buy into for early critical illness?

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    • Yixiong Chang
      Yixiong Chang
      192 Answers, 250 Upvotes
      Answered on 24 Aug 2018

      Yes, upgrade with the group term to its 1mil limit first before looking elsewhere. The Mindef group term is actually one of the most value (best coverage per dollar) in the market. Becos u pay the same premium regardless of age, which is a steal especially the older u are.

      But if u want to add critical illness, the mindef group will not be most value as the premium payable is based on your attained age. That means the older u get, you will have to pay higher premium. I suggest you look at the direct insurance (buy direct from the company, no agent commission involved).

      Ping me if u would like to learn more.

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    • Brandan Chen
      Brandan Chen, Financial Planner at Manulife Singapore
      153 Answers, 224 Upvotes
      Answered on 24 Aug 2018

      Let me address your questions one by one.

      1) Upgrading existing coverage to 1M - ask yourself why do you need 1M coverage, is the 1M based on your liabilities?

      2) Separate Plan for 1M with Aviva. There are a couple of limitations for group term plans, one of which is that you cannot use it as part of your mortgage insurance, and that premiums are expensive post 60 years old. In addition, do ask youself when do you need and want the coverage till?

      3) Good or not really depends on your personal preference. For early critical illness, i would most of the time recommend limited pay Whole Life Plan. Reasons being that the pricing is comparable, and that payment is only for a limited time frame when one is still working as opposed to paying till 65 or 75.

      You may drop me an email at [email protected] should you wish to have a further discussion.

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    Tan Siak Lim
    Tan Siak Lim, CFP. Director, Financial Advisory Group at Financial Alliance
    29 Answers, 43 Upvotes
    24 Aug 2018

    SAF Group Term policy has a aggregate limit. Otherwise, it's similiar to a personal term policy. Aviva Multipay CI Plan is good. But good is relative, there are similiar plans from other insurers like AIA, Tokio Marine and Manulife. So make sure you compare to see which serves your need better.

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