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Asked by Teck Lun

Asked on 10 Dec 2019

Should i top-up my CPF Special Account to the Full Retirement Sum?

Went for the 1M65 talk by Mr Loo, seems like topping up SA account is a good way to save for retirement. Should I? What will i lose out on if i do that. Also, if i am to top it up, should it be cash or OA?


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Jacqueline Yan
Jacqueline Yan, Content Strategist at Seedly
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 12 Dec 2019

Hi Teck Lun!

Like WenHao mentioned, it really depends on your current situation. Especially how much you currently have in your CPF Special Account and how many more years you have to let it reach the Full Retirement Sum.

Since you mentioned SA instead of RA, I'm assuming you're not near 55 yet? Even if you're almost done paying your flat instalments or it's fully paid for, plans might change and you might decide to buy a second BTO or a resale a few years down the road. Which is why I personally feel that you should only transfer from OA to SA if you're very certain that you won't be using the funds in the future since it's a one-way transfer.

You can try using this Google Form I've created to project how much your CPF OA and SA will grow before topping up or transferring and decide from there.



Hi Teck Lun,

It depends on how comfortable you are with investing consistently and in a disciplined manner, and also your personal circumstances.

If you have been consistently investing and are comfortable with paper losses (without pulling money out of the market), you may want to consider doing better than the 4% from SA top up. This can be through SRS contribution if you are thinking of using cash, or investing your CPF OA in the equties market.

Coversely if you are the type that is not comfortable with long term investing, or find it harder to do so, then SA top up for cash or OA makes sense. But I would encourage you get your feet wet (at a slightly uncomfortable pace) and start investing consistently in the equities market. In the meantime you may want to read up more about investing and find out what works for you.

Hope this helps!


Tay WenHao
Tay WenHao
Level 6. Master
Answered on 10 Dec 2019

I feel that it depends a lot on your personality, the stage of life you are at, your liabilities and also the opportunity costs.

If you have spare cash lying around or in the bank with 0.05% of NO USE (excluding emergency funds) then yes. Topup SA with CASH.

Or If you have already gotten your HDB and wont be using your OA for anything else like education etc, then yes. Topup SA with OA (You can still keep 20,000 in OA just incase you need it for your child education or upgrade housing. Cus first 20k for OA got bonus 1%. That being said, you still can transfer everything to SA and get extra 1% on 60,000 in SA)