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Should I take up this job offer of 1.8k basic (gross just <2k)?

I have been freelancing for the past 2 years and only average a net profit of 2k/month. I like what I'm doing but I'm under immense pressure mainly from myself to "keep up" with the market and my peers, who are all bringing in 3.5-4k monthly. I started looking for employment to supplement my freelancing income and only have this offer atm. I am afraid that the opportunity cost of taking up this 1.8k job will eat into my freelancing career too much, and there's no prospect for the job anyway. :/

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    • Raimi Jasman
      Raimi Jasman
      9 Answers, 25 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      Hi there! I think you should really take up this job offer offering u 1.8k basic - 2k per month. I am currently working and earning the same as you and I am happy with the stage of life I am now.

      I have friends whom are earning 3.5-4.5k per month. They are even close friends as me and I don’t feel like they earn more they are happy they have to pay this pay that. At first when i got my first full time job I was like why not go ahead with this job which I love doing it the most! My friends said don’t join this company instead find a higher pay job, I said no and I stand my ground and was hired and then confirmed after 3 months probation. It was an amazing journey .

      I don’t regret earning lesser than my diploma friends which I also attained a dip cert. I may not be rich or capable of buying a lot of things for example shopping but I am happy I can survive my life up till today.

      I do freelancing too but my FT job takes most of my days and not much freelancing work loas so hence I manage to save $1K a month which is like 60% of my pay every month since the first day at the first month of my pay cheque I managed to save at least 1k$ every month.

      have faith and keep doing what u love to do. Be genuine and u go farrrr #seedly helps me a lot sometimes:)

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    • Leong Wen Fong
      Leong Wen Fong, Community Lead at Seedly
      118 Answers, 266 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      It depends on what job you are doing, and the reponse of your clients.

      If you feel taht the response has been good, then keep on building your portfolio, and get your customers to refer you to others that require your services.

      If you feel that what you are doing is on an average level, then I think you should get a full time job, which also forces you to work with others, thus being able to gain more feedback and learn from those who are more senior than you. Once you have established a better portfolio then perhaps you can think again about going back to free lancing- this tiume with better reputation and probably higher payhing jobs.

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    Lee Chun Kiat
    Lee Chun Kiat
    15 Answers, 18 Upvotes
    07 Jan 2019

    Why are you considering taking up a no-prospect-job netting

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