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Should i stop investing in Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF and switch to invest OCBC?

Have been monitored Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF quite a while, recently found out that it didn't perform well and lost not quite much. My question is: 1) Should I change to invest OCBC as I saw the news that OCBC is doing well? 2) How likely Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF will bound back and the chances to rise? 3) If I switch to invest OCBC, any advice on this stock as I am new to this stock? Any prediction on how well it will grow in next few month or years?


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Tay WenHao
Tay WenHao,
Level 4. Prodigy
Updated 3w ago

Hi as what Jansen mentioned, i dont think its a good choice to sell Nikko AM and buy OCBC. And as others have mentioned, Nikko AM is a ETF which contains OCBC and other stocks thus its more diversified and 'safer' per say.

You didnt really mentioned how much you invested in Nikko AM and how much of 'unrealised loss' you are facing now so it'll be a bit hard for me to advise. However I feel that it's a high chance that it'll bounce back on track and your loss should be minimized (with regular dividends).

Here's my personal story/encounter. I started Nikko AM STI ETF as my first Investment thru POSB invest saver program. After the first few months the share price dropped quite a bit (about 5% loss in 2018) but I continued on as I feel that I could buy it at lower price (DCA to average down my cost/share). Lucky it rises back slowly and earlier this month I sold it off at a 2% profit on share value (excluding the 2 dividend payouts profit)

Lesson learnt over here is that you need to trust and believe in your decisions. Dont let market noise affect you. If I was affected previously by the drop I would have an REALISED LOSS of 5% instead of having a profit of 2%. Even though i wont say 2% is alot but its still better than making a loss.

In short, HOLD whatever you have till it bounce back. Dont make UNREALISED LOSS into REALISED LOSS.

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Jansen Ng
Jansen Ng

12 May 2019

Yep NEVER sell a index fund/etf at a loss, it will definitely bounce back. 2% capital gain is okay for STI etf, as the gains are also from the dividends. (unless you really know what u are doing and want to cut loss at a recession to buy more when it drops further)
Jansen Ng
Jansen Ng, Business Student at Ntu
Level 4. Prodigy
Updated on 11 May 2019

In my opinion, i wouldnt drop one for the other. But if u wan, you can rechannel new funds accordingly.

Im quite eyeing bank stocks esp ocbc and dbs, which are doing very well, but possibly overvalued at the moment. Im kinda waiting for the price to correct itself before entering. Both shot up quite alot already since the start of the year till now



STI ETF contains OCBC bank. Hence, if your purpose is to invest in OCBC, you are also getting a diversified fund with OCBC in it.

Investing in 1 stock can be good if you are very confident of its ability to perform and grow in future. Otherwise, STI ETF is better than just buying OCBC alone, just due to it having other stocks together.


Tan Wei Ming
Tan Wei Ming,
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 11 May 2019

Sorry we do not have crystal ball to predict and help you answer your second and third question.

STI ETF contains OCBC. I would rather continue to invest in STI ETF since it has other bank counters such as DBS and UOB which reported good result too.