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Posted on 21 Nov 2020

Should I sell ES3 STI ETF and buy ARKF at the next dip? How long should you hold ARK ETFs?

Currently holding some ES3 that I bought over the past few months, sitting at 8% gain and about 14% of my portfolio of ETF (VT), Robos and Stocks. Originally intended to hold for 4% dividends and sell when it reaches 3.3sgd. Based on the ETF history, that is about Mar 2021, but I anticipate opportunities in Jan when Biden moves in. I've been intending to put a lump sum into ARKF for value. Do you think it's advisable to sell off and hold cash, or stick to my original plan?


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Level 14. Grandmaster

Posted on 22 Nov 2020

Hold long term for ark, good growth. Dont waste time on sti


Question Poster

23 Nov 2020

Hi thank you for the advice. Do you think I should wait till January to see if Cathie Wood loses Ark Invest? I am seeing a lot of investor confidence in her rather than the company as a whole.


23 Nov 2020

Hi, there is no right or wrong. But I would enter ARKK now, high chance Cathie won't lose ARKK as it's a lose-lose situation for both. I'm confident they'll work things out.


Lee Chun Kiat

Lee Chun Kiat

Level 7. Genius

Posted on 25 Nov 2020

Few facts for your reference

1) It will takes a while for STI to get to 3,300, probably quite a while - several months / years.

2) Uncertainty creates upside potential, share price will price in if you wait till the news is out.

3) Unless you strike TOTO frequently, you have very slim chance to predict precisely the next dip, so act now or never.



Hold your sti and continue to build your portfolio. I believe that if you bought near the dip, your ...

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