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Posted on 03 Feb 2020

Should i consider OCBC 360 Account or UOB ONE Account?

Considering I'll struggle to hit the $500 credit card minimum spend, as I always go coffee shop hence only can use cash.


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Hi Anon!

Since your concern is being able to hit the $500 credit card minimum spend for higher interest, I'd say OCBC 360 is a better choice?

I don't have a UOB One account but it seems like earning higher interest definitely requires you to spend at least $500 on your credit card. So even if you managed to fulfil the other criteria (salary credit of at least $2k OR 3 GIRO transactions), you still won't get the higher interest if you don't hit your CC minimum spend.

On the other hand, all the bonus interest you can earn are standalone categories. If you managed to hit the minimum spend + salary credit, then you'll get two categories (and very likely also the Boost & Step-Up categories since you don't that much). But if for a particular month that you don't hit the minimum spend, you'll still be getting bonus interest for salary credit (and again, likely Boost & Step-Up).

Personally, when I was taking on an internship, I was still earning bonus interest from the other categories even though I couldn't hit the min. $2k salary crediting category.

Hope this helps!


Melissa Soh

Melissa Soh

05 Feb 2020

Hi! I recently signed up for the UOB One acc at one of their branches. There is an option to hit the $500 min spend by signing up for an endowment plan with them but this is only available if you go down to open your account. I chose that option as I also wasn't sure if I would use a card that often.


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