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Asked on 25 May 2019

Should I buy a resale or new launch?

I'm looking to get my first investment property, however, will it be a better choice to get a resale or a new launch. When is it that I should consider one or the other?


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Douglas Chow
Douglas Chow, Chief Enlightenment Officer at Empower Advisory
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 26 May 2019

Hi there. Douglas here. 2nd keynote speaker.

Both are fine. Just do your homework, make sure there is upside potential by studying future developments nearby, accessibiloity and amenities.​​​ You can always connect with me via or simply whatsapp/sms my company 24/7 hotline @83324283 Remember, plan your finances properly, don’t overstretch, do your homework and enjoy your property investment journey. Regards Douglas Chow