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Share your top personal finance tips and hacks here!

Share some tips, tricks and hacks that will help others in any way with their personal finance journey! Here's a cool resource Seedly has for everyone too: This is the task for the 9th Jan giveaway for two pairs of Seedly PFF 2019 tickets. Winners will be picked by the Seedly team and will be announced along with the next task on the Seedly Facebook Group.

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    • Lim Chun Long Jimmy
      Lim Chun Long Jimmy, Biz Partner at Flagship Games
      37 Answers, 93 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      Circles.Life Ride for Rewards

      Those who commute using an EZ-Link card, you may consider installing the "Circles.Life - Events, Rewards & Telco" mobile app:

      This app gives you 10 Life Points for every ride taken on the bus or train using your EZ-Link card. These Life points can later be redeemed for the following rewards:

      • Grab ride vouchers ($3 for 300 Life Points)

      • Golden Village movie discounts ($2 for 200 Life Points)

      • foodpanda food vouchers ($3 for 300 Life Points)

      As I have taken 79 rides to-date, I have accumulated 790 Life Points.

      Here are the screenshots of what the rewards redemption looks like:

      Assuming you take one ride from home to anywhere and then take another ride back home each day, that's 20 Life Points per day. Repeat this process for 10 days, and you will be able to redeem 1 Golden Village movie discount for 200 Life Points. 15 days to redeem either 1 Grab ride voucher or 1 foodpanda food voucher for 300 Life Points.

      As an additional hack, each ride transfer gives you an additional 10 Life Points! For example, supposed I'm in Yishun and I need to travel to Aperia Mall. I tried taking bus service 857 and then transfer to bus service 133 . Then, to travel from Aperia Mall to Serangoon MRT, I tried taking bus service 13 and then transfer to MRT service towards Punggol (North-East Line). The next day, I checked that 40 Life Points has been given instead of 20 Life Points!

      Download and install this app today for your personal finance journey!

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    • Malcolm Jia Hui
      Malcolm Jia Hui
      4 Answers, 22 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      I had my first credit card last year and the first bill shocked me. I didn’t realise I have spent that much. As each transaction is not deducted immediately from my account, it makes me feel that my expenses is low along the month. (Without proper tracking of expenses of course.)

      Ever since, each time I charged a transaction to my credit card, I will transfer the exact amount to my DBS PayLah immediately. (Not accounting for the cashback I will earn.) And when my credit card bill is due for payment, I will transfer all the money in my DBS PayLah to my account and pay off the bill. As the bill amount will definitely be lesser than what I have transferred in total due to the cashback earned, I will treat the differences as an additional savings I have every month.

      This method has worked very well for me for the past few months and it’s not longer painful each time I have to pay for my credit card bills. To me, it is to treat the credit card like a debit card (transferring away what is charged to your credit card immediately to prevent overspending) but yet gaining the credit card benefits (earning cash backs & getting higher bank interest for DBS multiplier.)

      Hope that some of you might find this tip useful and handy.

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    Eveline Lau
    Eveline Lau
    14 Answers, 51 Upvotes
    09 Jan 2019

    I'm not well versed in investment so I'll focus on the small little things about saving, which people tend to overlook. Hope this can help somebody.

    1. Save with high-interest saving accounts

    If you draw a regular monthly salary, there are many options - UOB One, DBS Multiplier, OCBC 360. Choose one that matches your spending pattern the most.

    Otherwise, you may also consider POSB Cashback Bonus. Salary is just one of the components, which would potentially make this account attractive to freelancers, housewives, people with income less than S$2,500 etc.

    1. Pay yourself first

    Always set aside a portion that you intend to save when you get your pay (or allowance, if you're a student) before you do anything else.

    1. Pay your credit card bills on time

    This is the kind of interest that you DO NOT want to have!

    1. Skip ordering a drink to compliment your meal (or after meal)

    A can of drink doesn't cost much (

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