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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

Rise of tech stocks in the gaming industry - EA with Apex Legends, Sea Ltd with Free Fire, should we be bullish on the current trending game companies producing battle Royale hits?


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Leonard Tan
Leonard Tan,
Level 6. Master
Answered on 01 Mar 2019

I have been following the gaming industry quite closely.

Indeed people have caught on to the multi billion dollar gaming industry in recent years, and its expected to continuously be a relevant tech sector in years to come.

The success of fortnite- especially its business model innovation of a freemium yet strong revenue generation has turned conventional gaming model on its head.

Many Studios like $ACTVI have tried and failed with their own versions of battle royales. So far Apex legends has been the only game to come anywhere close.

So, No. I don’t believe the key to success lies rehashing Battle Royale-esque games. In fact gamers today demand more than ever, but yet show willingness to splurge on games they deem worthy. The gaming landscape is constantly changing and much more complicated than that.