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Alcander Seow

Asked 2w ago

Realistically, how much can one save for the Save As You Serve Acc?

Hi, for the SAYS account with the 2% additional interest rate on top of the 0.25% base interest, saving between $50 ~ $3000 / mth, realistically how much should or can I save using the fix SAYS amount? Cos the recruit salary is about $540/mth, so unsure how much I can save in a realistic base.


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Yang Teng
Yang Teng
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Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered 1w ago

I used to put in $500 monthly for the first year. You can start with a small amount first (e.g. $200). As you progress to higher ranks and vocation, you will receive higher pay which you can then change the monthly contribution amount to something higher.



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Yang Teng
Yang Teng

6d ago

I only used SAYS for one year before moving on to higher risk investment instruments. To save money is quite simple really; just spend less. But it requires a lot of discipline. Whenever you need to spend, think about whether it is absolutely necessary.
Alcander Seow
Alcander Seow

5d ago

HI Yang Teng, thanks for the reply. Appreciate your advice, will look into more. Thanks
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