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Asked on 14 Jun 2019

POSB SAYE and SAYS, is it the same account?

Just wanted to check, when i open the account online, it only lets me choose SAYE acc, so does it work the same way? or should I go down to a branch to do it? Any advice regarding if I should open this account? going to enlist in year 2020!


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Tan Wei Ming
Tan Wei Ming
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 14 Jun 2019

Yes. It is actually the same account. If you still have doubts, you can have live chat on POSB website.



Very similar. POSB SAYS has tie ups with safra and other promos. Under the POSB SAYS, you will have a POSB SAYE account + safra benefits and card


Question Poster

14 Jun 2019

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! then how do i apply?
Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham

14 Jun 2019

You can apply for it online! https://www.posb.com.sg/personal/deposits/savings-accounts/says