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Jay Liu

Posted on 21 Jul 2018

What are your experiences with E-prep Online Courses for NSFs?

NSFs have you used the E-prep? I noticed there are online courses like personal money management and financial planning, intro to personal investing, intro to stocks and bonds etc. How are the courses and do you get official certification after completing the courses?


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Jit Thong Ling

Jit Thong Ling

Level 7. Genius

Updated on 05 Sep 2020

I applied for Stock Fundamental Valuation with Bloomberg (Apply via Email) using my E-prep credits, However, they are very bad at processing applications so I would advice to book early at least 6 months before ORD.​​​


Jacob Gan

05 Sep 2020

It is very unfortunate. I understand the problem arose because of Covid-19 as the staff work from home but they cannot access the NS e-PREP course registration system from home. The NTU Business Finance ePrep course also contains a special chapter on SGX and stock investment fundamentals and practice, in addition to the standard textbook treatment. It is a very good course on various aspects of business finance. It comes with a free textbook too (the textbook used in NTU NBS).


Took 5 courses during and after I ORD, ranging from Marketing to Competitive Analysis

Why you should take the courses

  • Take this chance to refresh your brain

  • Receive certifications which can prepare you and help you secure an internship after ORD

  • Convenince as mostly are online courses (OTOT pace)

Why you should not take the courses

  • Pretty introductionary content

  • Remember the last online lecture you attended? Yeah, it isn't exactly the most useful and impactful

  • Would not actually apply if I have to bare the full cost


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Adrian Goh Jun Wei

Adrian Goh Jun Wei

09 May 2019

Hey, I don't remember facing such problem. If I am not wrong, I paid the subsidized pricing upfront (but it's quite some time back so I can't be sure) :)

Jacob Gan

05 Sep 2020

The courses in the NS e-PREP scheme are meant to help NSFs better prepared for their university studies or for career advancement. NTU was the first and only university that responded to the call by MinDef in 2003 to develop such courses. NTU even obtained MOE's support to develop useful academic courses to cater to the needs of the NSFs who have become disadvantaged due to the two year of study lapse because of NS. Since then, the courses have evolved and significantly improved over the years. 1000s had benefited from NTU's e-PREP courses. More details can be found in ePrepCourses-Sg.Online.


Looking from the community, seems like some people actually used it before for online E-courses in N...

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