My Insurance Agent encouraged me to take up ILP but I didn’t get any updates on the investment. Is this normal? - Seedly
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Yj T

Asked on 11 May 2020

My Insurance Agent encouraged me to take up ILP but I didn’t get any updates on the investment. Is this normal?

I have the policy since July 2019.


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Hi YJ,

It depends... usually most agents would get back by the next day, but also due to the nature of investments, sometimes it might take a bit more time in order to give you the best advice that will meet your needs. I think you could wait for a couple of days, else you could contact you agent again, as our relationship with our agent is 2 ways as well if we do feel that the agent is a good 'fit' with us


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Colin Lim
Colin Lim, Financial Services Consultant at Colin Lim
Level 7. Grand Master
Updated on 11 May 2020


Most companies are now doing digital platform meaning you can login to view your portfolio.

However if the agent didnt update u on the investment or didnt get in touch with u for long periods...maybe u need call them or request to change of advisor.

You can reach out to me if your ILP doesnt belong to Pru, GE or AIA



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No, this is not normal in my standard. Professionally, I meet my clients at least once every six months. During each time, we will do a review on their existing policies. This is especially important for investment-linked policies as market changes constantly.

More Information:

The Importance for a Semi-Annual Review

Since the start of my blog, I decided to spend extra time to provide regular updates on the investment-linked funds to the readers. Accordingly, this helps us to understand its performance and whether a change is required.


AIA Singapore Investment-Linked Fund Performance

In your situation, I will suggest for you to get in touch with your agent to do a comprehensive portfolio review. Meanwhile, you may wish to evaluate it on your own, and to seek a professional second advice when necessary.

I share quality content on estate planning and financial planning here.


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Tay WenHao
Tay WenHao
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 11 May 2020

From my experience, Insurance Agent or Financial Advisor/Consultant (FA/FC) dont really do regular update or follow up for ILP. Of course it also depends on the FA himself.

Cus if you think about it, usually they have hundreds of active clients and it would be hard to follow up with every single one of them. However, you should receive yearly reports on the ILP progress if I'm not wrong. And from time to time, if there's a need to make changes to the ILP then the FA will contact you.

Thats why for my personal view, I never go for ILP. As many of the community members says, never mix insurance and investment. Its better to take Whole/Term Life and do the investing separately.


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