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My fiance and I got into a accident motorbike, it was obvious tht it is the car driver's fault. Apart from the medical and property (motorbike itself) claims, wanted to ask what other kind of claims we can do?

We flew out of our bike and sustained injury and was sent to the A&E. We were both quite traumatized with the experience and am not sure if we were to ride again. The motorbike is very new, bought it less than a month and this unfortunate event has to happen.

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  • Yixiong Chang
    Yixiong Chang
    Level 5. Genius
    Answered on 06 Dec 2018

    You can claim for for pain and suffering. This will include not just physical pain, but also emotional stress stress/mental suffering.

    You can claim for future medical expenses as well (followup treatments/checkup).

    And lost of of earnings if any (depending on your nature of your work and severity of injury)

    You should probably seek legal advice from an experience lawyer in areas of personal injury claims. If u feel u have a strong case, u should seek a lawyer to represent u. Let me know if u require any further help.

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    • Yixiong Chang
      You might want to seek treatment from a specialist in private practice. A good medical report will be favorable to your claims
      07 Dec 2018
  • Loh Tat Tian
    Loh Tat Tian
    Level 6. Master
    Answered on 07 Dec 2018

    I would like to understand if you have any personal accident insurance in this case?

    Because it would be alot easier to let your insurer handle the claims (as they will fight it out), instead of getting yourself involved in the suit, unless there is more claims that you require.

    You should consider what Yixiong has mentioned earlier on getting a lawyer. (my dad ever got into an accident and could not hire HOH & HOH as the insurer is represented by HOH & HOH).

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