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My daughter (14) wants to start her own business of baking and selling cookies. Her studies are above average but could be improved. Should I support this idea?

On one hand I'm proud of her for wanting to earn her own money, and think that it is a good experience. On the other hand I think she should also focus on her studies.

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    • HC Tang
      HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

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      Answered on 06 Dec 2018

      Questions is, why not ? :)

      But as always, one should finish at least tertiary studies as much as possible for backup and basic as a fallback plan because if it doesn't work out, she can always go back to work for someone or do something else. I believe that parents should always be supporting and encourange children to persue their passion and interest and start young because that's the best time without much commitment and responsibilities, so they can learn / understand better and go much further that us.

      Why not encourage and help her to register HDB home sole proprietorship and take some home order for events / birthdays / parties and sell cakes , muffins and cookies. But have a talk with her and both agree that studies must comes first and as long as she do her best in her studies, you'll support her in the business.

      Who knows, maybe before she enter university it is then possible to have the scale to make it a shop and business to fund her own university fees and carve out a living and passion or even be a famous chef one day ! :)

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    • Vicky Faith
      Vicky Faith
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      Answered on 07 Dec 2018

      Maybe instead of a business, try to start from small buy supporting her as a hobby first! Setting up business is not something that easy and she probably need to go through NEA course to get herself certified to be a food handler before she can make this into a business for commercial world. I doubt shes able to take that cert yet.

      But a dream has no limit, so you can always co-create the pathway with her by starting small. I dont have a child, but I felt like if you allow her to continue baking and support her financially (for now at least), it would work out in a short term. Let her bake an distribute as a birthday gift, valentines days, Christmas and many more. Maybe for her to use her time and effort to bake and distribute to her friends, she will gain a few valuable lessons too (ie. Importance of appreciation, hygiene... a lot more)

      This comment really worth less than 1 cent because I got zero experience in this but yet I wanna share my POV haha.

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    Earlene TaN
    Earlene TaN
    2 Answers, 4 Upvotes
    06 Dec 2018

    Definitely! Perhaps managing her business could help her do better in maths, languages in her course of communication and sciences while baking and accounts. Supporting her would mean the world to her as long as she agrees not to let her grades slip. Your support in her interest may help her realised not to let her parents down in terms of wanting her studies to be on track. She is so lucky to have her parents looking out for her.

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