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Asked 2w ago

Most basic insurance to get? Trying to trim down to the basic?

Single, with 1 elderly dependent. What is the most important insurance that I should be getting?


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Yl Chua
Yl Chua
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered 6d ago

Not an insurance agent. But here is what I feel a person with your profile should be getting.

1) Hospitalization plan - this one most basic for sure

2) Term life (TPD/CI) - the payout should sustain you and your dependent should anything happen to you, and amt can be reduced after dependent passed away

3) PA plan - cause it's cheap and offers high payout if involved in accident - plan it tgt with the term life? If can't afford term life even.. then at least get this one. But this doesn't offer CI coverage.

Since asking for most basic.. wouldn't recommend WL.. specifically if you are of a certain age.. then it will be very expensive and will not be worth it. Have term life cover for the economic years. Depending on your life philosophy.. you may take death as it comes.. so instead of WL, learn to invest the money and plan for retirement so that should you get a CI or something after retirement, there is money to sustain your life - with medical expenses generally covered by hospitalization plan (so don't scrap this one) and you have no further dependants.

Not sure if you have housing mortgage but ensure you have it covered in your insurance planning / HPS. Make sure CPF nomination and LPA is done as well. If you have trusted siblings, relatives, cousins and friends.. let them Know how to help with insurance claims and with your elderly dependant should the unfortunate happen.

Last but not least.. if you intend to stay single... Pls plan for own retirement (CPF/ investment/annuity) and mortality if haven't.


Alan Kor
Alan Kor
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Answered 2w ago

1) term life with tpd and ci

2) hosp plan

Make sure your dependent or relatives know how to claim insurance should anything happen to you.



Hi Anon,

Top priority would be hospitalisation insurance due to the rising costs of healthcare in Singapore. Next would be a personal accident plan, personally I think these 2 plans are of great importance, and every individual should look into getting these 2 kind of policies once they have a stable income.

Once those 2 are done, look into a whole life/ term insurance which looks into coverage for death, total permanent disability (TPD), critical illness (CI) & early critial illness (ECI). For your case as you have an elderly dependent, I would recommend looking into a whole life insurance as the coverage is for the whole of life and you have a limited pay option, meaning you don't have to pay throughout your life for the coverage



Hospitalization cover.

Death coverage for the estimated term of your elderly dependent's life. Coverage to be amount required to support your dependent throughout.

Critical Illness cover for yourself for the rest of your life. Get 5 X your annual income as coverage.

That's about the most basic.



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Hariz Arthur Maloy
Hariz Arthur Maloy

2w ago

Spot on. Due to a loss of income while recovery. We want to make sure we can provide a lumpsum of about 5 years of your salary so that life can continue as per usual. Your hosp plan pays the doctor, your CI plan pays your family.
Tan Li Xing
Tan Li Xing

2w ago

The guideline of why 5x your annual income is because the medical guideline where how they classify someone to have recovered from a critical illness is to be clear for 5 consecutive years.

First priority is always healthcare. The reason is simple - medical inflation hits 10% in 2019. Accordingly, a single medical treatment could potentially wipe out all your savings. To do this, it is always valued to have your own private integrated shield plan. Here is why:

After you have the basic foundation set up, you may consider a basic life insurance plan that covers for death, total & permanent disability, and most importantly for critical illness.

There are many options available in the market, therefore, take your time to understand which suits your needs. Here is a general comparison between a term and whole life insurance to help you with some basic understanding:

Once you have a stable income, here is the general rule:

10% to 20% of your annual income on healthcare insurance and life insurance

Basic Life Cover = 10 times your annual income

Critical Illness Coverage = 5 times your annual income

Having mentioned that, this is a general guideline that may or may not work for you. The best way is always to have an in-depth understanding on your cashflow, current situation and future goals. It is only when we know you well enough, then it is appropriate to give you the best advice or suggestion that fits into your needs.

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