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Joining a bitcoin exchange startup - what is career path ?

At the recent FinTech festival, had a nice chat with CEO building up a bitcoin exchange in Singapore and got me wondering how he does recruitment. For the folks just graduating in the Seedly community, what is the considerations on career path and what learnings would be expected from such a high risk job compared to the more standard job in a DBS/PWC etc...


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Adrian Goh Jun Wei
Adrian Goh Jun Wei, Product at Nodeflair
Level 5. Genius
Answered 3w ago

Hey Kelly, can't really comment much without understanding the different factors like company size and the type of role!

However, I can share that generlly when you are comparing between a career in a strtup and more stable MNC like the one you mentioned, the main few differences are

  • Career progression: Startup tends to have less progression (or rather, unstructured progression) especially so if they are a fairly early/young. MNCs have well-structured plans that after XX years, you will proceed to a certain position etc.

  • Learnings-wise, you tend to be able to learn have a wider view of things and become kinda a Jack of all trades. In MNCs, you are mostly likely going to specialised in one area and be really good at it. (This isn't really a bad thing though)

I would say that althought most startups are more risky in general, the degree of risk varies a lot from one to another, depending on factors like the size of the startup, funding, revenue and industry. However, given the volatility of cryptocurrencies and it being in the early phase, I would have to agree that it's definitely going to be riskier. This is also why most startups compensate their employees in terms of ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) that are way more lucrative than that of a MNC!



Exposure to the real world. No point working in a small confined work environment where my learning is limited.