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Posted on 21 Jul 2020

Is there a way to send in live/delayed sgx stock prices to Google sheets?

I'm using Google sheets to track my portfolio. As I'm buying the Nikko am sti etf for DCA, it is not practical to use bloomberg/sgx to track my P&L. I've tried =googlefinance but it doesn't work for sgx stocks. Would appreciate your assistance. Thanks!


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Ck Thong

Ck Thong

Level 3. Freshie

Posted on 03 Oct 2020

=IMPORTXML("https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/quote/ME8U.SI","//span[@class='Trsdu(0.3s) Fw(b) Fz(36px) Mb(-4px) D(ib)']")

Since bloomberg block google sheet, I had changed to yahoo finance


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Amelia Phung

Amelia Phung

24 Jan 2021

This is so helpful 👍

Shao Hao

15 Mar 2021

This doesn't work anymore.. is there a way to edit the code?




Level 3. Freshie

Posted on 18 Jan 2021


can try the below code in Google Sheets.


Just replace D8DU.SI with the ticker u want.

E.g. Singtel ticker is Z74.SI, so u change to this ticker name in the code. (counter=Z74.SI)



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Francis Ngkaion

Francis Ngkaion

21 Apr 2021

Thank you! very helpful!

Goh Boon Yeow

Goh Boon Yeow

2w ago

Thank you Okkar!


The workarounds listed in this thread didn't seem to work for me. Thanks to the other posters, I reg...

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