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Is it worth it to buy a property in singapore or overseas?

Planning to invest in some property soon but am thinking between SG and overseas property. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts between the 2 types of property?


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Leo Kwek
Leo Kwek
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Answered 3w ago

It depends on your risk appetite and comfort zone as an investor. Investing in Overseas properties is very different from investing in Singapore properties.

A few key points that you will have to take note about Overseas properties: 1) Political and Economic stability of that country 2) Currency fluctuations 3) Taxes and other miscellaneous fees 4) Ownership eligibility 5) Remote management 6) Legal system 7) Securing loan

These are just some of the points. Some of the popular countries that Singaporeans like to invest in are Melbourne, London and Bangkok.

UK has fewer restrictions on foreign buyers whereas in Australia, foreign buyers can only purchase new property and not resale. And in Thailand foreign buyers cannot wholly-own land.

As you can see buying a Overseas property is not as straightforward as buying a property in Singapore.

However, it does not mean that one is better than the other. Do your research on the developer and market.