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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

Is it advisable to open 2 accounts - 1 POSB Invest saver and 1 with Maybank to invest in bonds? Want to invest in both bonds + REITs. Split should be $300 POSB + $200 with Maybank via monthly plan.?


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Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham,
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Answered on 05 May 2018

POSB invest saver plan only allows for STI ETF and ABF SG Bond ETF. So if you are interested only in bonds and REITS, then Maybank will be more suitable.

Both banks can also buy Singapore savings bond.

So I would suggest to use whichever bank that you have a higher interest saving account such as DBS multiplier or Maybanks iSavvy.

The split itself should not matter much if you do it over a long term period. What is more important is to keep it consistent and hold it for many years.


Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou,
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Answered on 08 May 2018

I would consider reading a few blogposts before deciding! The first is to understand what type of risk profile you suit, and then start to look for the for the right products before jumping in.

For the STI ETF:

For a monthly investment plan:

As a whole, I would not advise opening up multiple accounts to perform such investment plans. The first thing would be via complexity, the next would be for fees. Unless you are looking to utilise some sort of stacking function to get more interest on those savings accounts, then something like that may make sense. You can read more about DBS Multiplier and Maybank here:

DBS Multiplier:

Maybank SaveUp: