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Asked on 13 Aug 2019

Investments- broker or online platforms?

Hi there. I would like to start investing in shares/ REITs etc, on top of some of my current savings in fixed deposit plans.

Was wondering if I should follow the traditional route of going to a bank, and doing so via a broker, or are there online platforms that are very safe with minimal brokerage charges?

What are some of your recommendations?


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Bank brokerage or online brokerage are very similar. It is just a broker platform to place orders. Cheapest brokerage for SG stocks is $10 for those cash upfront accounts. And normal rates are about $25.

You can just open all the accounts, see which one you like. Opening is free of charge.


Question Poster

14 Aug 2019

Hey thanks! Yup I do have some accounts opened already. Could you elaborate on what cash upfront accounts are?
Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham

14 Aug 2019

Cash upfront accounts require you to deposit cash first before you are allowed to buy. And the amount you can buy is limited by the deposit. Normal accounts allow you to buy first, pay within T+2 days.