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Asked 3w ago

Investment by using CPF?

Hi folks. Recently I am thinking to use the ordinary account fund inside my CPF to do the investment rather than putting there. Can provide some useful suggestion?


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Hey there!

There are plenty of investment vehicles you can use with regards to CPF investment. In general, it is highly possible to outbid the usual 2.5% interest rate for your Ordinary Account. And typically, these investment products often don't have a lock-in period.

The key thing you'll want to look at is the funds that are invested in. Typically, you'll want look at funds with a history of strong performance and relevant trends.

If you're opting to do it through an insurer, do make sure you do it through a licensed Financial Adviser who will be always reviewing your investment performance.

All the best!

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3w ago

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Is there any other investment I can choose beside through an insurer?
Oh Yi Ning
Oh Yi Ning

3w ago

Yes! FSMOne and Endowus have CPF investment options. Doing it through an insurer may mean that there is someone monitoring and managing your investments for you :)

Since 23 Jun, I parked a lump sum from CPF-OA (no DCA) with Endowus. 60% stocks, 40% bonds. I'm happy with them so far. At least, I saw my money grew almost from the get-go.

Do check them out at

If you happen to like what they do and their insights, please let me know. I can send a referral link your way. You can get a $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access Fee of 0.40%). It can be used to offset your Access Fee. (How much will I pay in fees? - In your case, cash: 0.6%; If CPF, 0.4% flat regardless of amount)

Hope this helps!


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2w ago

Wow that 0.4% is fixed per annum? That seems reasonable. Any 'hidden fees' you've encountered.

2w ago

0.4% is the Access Fee. Depends on what is the profile of your portfolio, the Total Expense Ratio is from 0.86% (very conservative) to 1.04% (very aggressive). Mine is Balanced portfolio (60% stocks 40% bonds). TER is 0.97%. You can find out more here. KK has also updated his results in this latest post:

This is the list of financial instruments that you can invest into:

Professionally, I help my clients grow their wealth in well-diversified investment-linked fund. Here is the latest result: AIA Singapore Investment-Linked Fund Performance

For this purpose, you need to determine whether you possess the right knowledge, skills, experience, and time to manage your own investment portfolio.

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3w ago

What is the fund I can consider If I am looking for wealth growth and high risk in a long term?