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Asked on 21 Mar 2019

Investing into Irish-domiciled S&P 500 ETF?

I am already vested in US-domiciled etfs (VTI, VGK, VPL, VWO) via Autowealth. I am now also looking into manually invest into Irish-domiciled etf to reduce the withholding tax from 30% to 15%. I am looking at the S&P 500 index, and some recommended the CSPX fund by iShares which is also an accumulating fund. Any other irish-domiciled etfs that tracked the S&P 500 worth considering? In addition, any things to keep in mind when buying Irish-domiciled etf? many thanks :)


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VUSD is another one you can consider but its not accumulating etf.



I believe ishares or vanguard will offer one of the lowest expense ratios already. These 2 giants are the biggest and competing directly with each other for etf investors.

Personally, I prefer all-world etf. US still a big portion of the world etf but in the case that US falls off, at least the etf would balance into other countries.


Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho
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Updated on 01 Jun 2019

You can check out VUSD. There's a guide on this here:


Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
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Updated on 21 May 2019

Hi there! I wrote about this extensively here:

But to touch on your last point... On some things to note.

What i understand is that the Ireland domiciled ETFs closely replicate the Similar composition of the US ETF, so in that sense it’s the same thing but with:

  • lower transaction volume (bid ask spreads)
  • sightly higher expense ratios

But your witholding tax on your dividends are at 15% instead of the normal 30% tax if you were to directly buy a US domiciled ETF.

Personally, i’ve not done this but based on extensive research this is what I’ve found!