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Posted on 31 Jul 2020

If you have spare cash available, what would you do during this pandemic?

Hi all, if you have spare cash available what would you do?

1) Put in higher yield saving account

2) Invest Nikko AM STI ETF/Banking stock or REIT

3) Invest SPDR S&P 500

4) Short term endowment plan

Side note this amount not thinking to take out 1 to 2yrs time. But kept it as long term, knowing that economy is that bad.


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Hi Anon! Glad you're focusing and planning on the long-term, don't forget to consider your risk appetite as well. This will determine where you put your funds. I'd suggest considering putting your cash in a higher yield savings account first as well as a short term endowment plan before you consider investing as there is always higher risk involved.

Alternatively, if you want something fuss free and easy when it comes to investing, consider robo-advisors such as StashAway, Syfe, AutoWealth, EndowUS etc. There will definitely be one out there that caters to your needs! ​​​



Tan Yu Ji

Tan Yu Ji

Level 8. Genius

Posted on 11 Aug 2020

I would do a regular savings plan and place it in the S&P500, put into Singlife which gives you up to 2.5% per annum, or put it in a roboadvisor where you can set it and forget it.




If you are willing to take more risk, I would suggest going for option 2 or 3. You can opt f...

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