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Asked on 25 Mar 2020

If I get into an accident, what does AIG Car Autoplan cover?

The accident was a pretty bad one and will most likely take a long time to repair. Will I get any coverage for the time I have no car?


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Firstly, you should call up AIG to inform them that you have gotten into an accident.

Thereafter, ascertain whether there is a need to make a police report, e.g. damage to public property, death.

Following that, you need to take your car to the nearest reporting centre (either drive it there yourself if it is safe to do so, or to call a tow truck).

Depending on the exact plan that you have, you will either have to send your car to an authorised workshop or any workshop of your choice.

For the period that you do not have a car, you may request for the workshop to issue you a replacement car. You will have to check the terms of coverage to determine whether the cost for replacement is covered.

Moreover, there may be a limit on the number of days that you can claim for the loss of use.

Therefore, do check the policy contract for the full details. Alternatively, check with your agent. He should know the terms well.

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Hi Anon,

Please do check on certain clauses, cause I had a friend who had AIG car insurance, and he could not claim when he got into an accident, because the car wasn't within the 'specs' range of the insurance policy.

What happened was that he changed the size of his wheels from 15 inches to 18 inches, and that change was not under the acceptable range of the insurance coverage. So thought you might want to check on that as well.


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