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I will most probably be buying a house in 4-5 years time. Would you advice to save up the house fund in bank or buy safe stocks and sell it 4-5 years later to fund for housing expense (reno etc.)?

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    • Jeff Yeo, amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing
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      Answered on 24 Sep 2018

      The “safe stock” option is risky because we do not know the market conditions in 5 years however 5 years is a good time frame.

      i think putting it into the market is a good idea to either gain dividend payouts for 5 years or capital gains if the stock rises

      it it would be good to spread the risks out between capital gain stocks ETF and maybe some REITS

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    • Nicholas Chan
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      Answered on 15 Sep 2018

      Five years is a decent time frame for investing in equities. Buy an emerging market etf, valuations are low now.

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    Jason Sin

    Top Contributor (Nov)

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    15 Sep 2018

    Save 50% using Singapore Saving Bond and invest the other 50% in stocks and bonds. Just a suggestion and please do your homework.

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