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I want to start a business after NS but I don’t have the people to hire and talent to make a start up to happen. Also, I only have very little capital on my bank account. How do I start?

Im an NSF. I have a business idea that I strongly believe that it can work. I dream and constantly plan about it now in my free time. However, I am limited to my abilities, connection and capital. Also, my mind continually discourage me because I am neither experienced nor qualified yet. Still, I want to play aggressive in my young age and am ready to start. I dream to be the Steve Jobs of South East Asia. Please suggest a direction to be a young Entrepreneur. I am insanely optimistic!

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    Gabriel Tham
    Gabriel Tham, Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team

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    20 Sep 2018

    Convince friends or family to help you. If not, you can try selling your idea to potential investors. If your idea is really great, there will be people interested to join you

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