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I’m in my late 20s, but look way younger than I am. Because of this, many of my clients and sometimes even coworkers don’t take me seriously. How should I deal with this?

New clients will demand that they speak to someone in charge instead of an “intern”. I’m also constantly made fun of at work

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    • Elsa Goh
      Elsa Goh
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      Answered on 14 Dec 2018

      For guys: tailored clothing can make a big difference. Go for mature hairstyles. Ask your friends if you look older with or without glasses, buy glasses or contacts accordingly. If u really feel there is a need to, get glasses eith no degree if glassea make you look more mature.

      For women: longer hair makes you look older, so grow it out. Learn how to put on makeup - lots of tutorials for that. Go for officewear, tailored if possible. Wear high heels. Same tip about glasses.

      For either gender, be confident. Fake it till you make it. Dont betray your consternation when people mistake you for an intern, just smile and inform them confidently that you are the manager (?) And u can assist them. Over time your poise and confidence will grow.

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    • Geraldine Chua
      Geraldine Chua
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      Answered on 16 Dec 2018

      I can kind of emphasize with you as I used to face similar issue too. But maybe not as bad. Dressing and grooming as others have suggested does help. Next is also how we behave in terms of how we speak and carry ourselves matters too. At times when clients comment on me looking very young, I will smile and say Thank you for the compliment and continue to speak in a calm and confident manner. Usually after a while, they know that I could assist them, they will trust me. For some more friendly clients, I will still say thank you & will joke that unfortunately not really that young anymore. Even with colleagues, i behave the same way. Over time they also learn to respect and trust me more. At times, in meeting really demanding clients, we might not be able to do much. We can try to speak to the client patiently but if the client insist of seeing someone more "senior", just don't take it too personally. Now that I have reached a certain age, I actually start to appreciate this "look younger" issue. hahaa

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    Jasmine Chye Fong Yee
    Jasmine Chye Fong Yee
    2 Answers, 5 Upvotes
    14 Dec 2018

    For men, styling your hair properly makes a lot of difference! For women, perhaps you can start putting on light makeup? Looking young is not a bad thing and there are some clients who are not worth being angry. I have this issue too but usually after talking to me, people will realise my maturity.

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