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Asked on 02 Dec 2019

I'm having trouble converting my miles to Airmiles, can someone help please?


I am looking to redeem business flights to New York next year. Currently considering the different airlines like SQ (top option) and Emirates and Qatar.

However, I'm having trouble converting my miles as I cannot find the site on my bank / CC website - mainly Citibank and UOB, and also the procedure to do it on the airlines website as well.

Do help out! Thank you


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Hi anon,

It seems your miles are still on your bank side, in this case, go to https://www.citirewards.com/



For Citi:

Login and look for the airline under Travel - Points Transfer. You'll see the transfer rates and fees. Follow the instructions.

For UOB:

Login and look for Getaways. The option will be there under "10000 Krisflyer Miles". Click on it and follow the instructions.

Once transferred, you'll need to wait 3-5 working days for it to reflect.

You'll want to make sure your FFP account is already set up and active.

Once miles are posted, you will then need to follow the redemption process on the airline's website; you'll have to login first, and then follow the instructions, which should not be too complex.

SQ here: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/ppsclub-krisflyer/use-miles/redeem-miles/

Emirates here: https://www.emirates.com/english/skywards/about/spending-miles.aspx

Qatar here: https://www.qatarairways.com/en/Privilege-Club/redeem-qmiles.html


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Say Wai
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 03 Dec 2019

For UOB, log into UOB rewards and search the catalogue under the travel section. You probably need to enrol / link your krisflyer account by filling in a form. Officially they say the miles will take something like 14 biz days to be credited, but I’ve always seen the miles credited within 2 days.


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Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 03 Dec 2019

Few things on your checklist you need to do:

1) Find the rewards page on citibank/UOB. If unable to find ask a bank customer service support to assist you

2) Have you signed up for a frequent flyer membership with the airlines of SQ or Qatar. You need to have membership with them before being able to convert.

3) lastly remeber to have sufficient points becuase these credit card companeis tend to ask you to redeem for miles in blocks of thousands of credit card points


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My advice, is to call the banks directly. it's faster imo because they will tell you everything you need to know. I tried to apply via their websites but always run into problems.


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Aik Kai
Aik Kai
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Answered on 02 Dec 2019

Just want to point out the rates for redemption.

1) SQ -- 198K Krisflyer miles per person

2) Qatar -- 338K Qmiles per person

3) Emirates -- 190K Skywards miles per person

Your best bet is SQ as you can transfer from both Citi and UOB.

You can only transfer to Qatar from Citi PM and Emirates miles are only from SCB X Card.

To transfer the miles for Citi, go to this link -- https://www.citirewards.com/. Basically, search for krisflyer at the top search bar. It will then prompt you to log in and then just follow the instructions. Note that there is a transfer fee of 26.75 (with GST)

The same apply (including the fee) for UOB. The link for UOB -- https://pib.uob.com.sg/Rewards/Public/landing.do

Once your miles are in (not instant, typically needs a few days), go to SQ website and log in to your Krisflyer account. Then go to main page, click on "redeem flights" in the search bar section and search for SIN to Newark for your desired travel dates.

Different timings will appear and the miles needed to redeem the flight will show. Follow the instructions and you are on your way. There will be airport taxes and charges and it varies. But you will be informed well before you confirm your bookings.



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For Citibank, login to their website and look under Citi Rewards. Then follow their steps accordingly. Take note that there will be a small administrative charge for the transfer.

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