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I'm graduating in May. I am considering between being a full time tutor (with passive income too) over having a full time job. Can you advise on some deciding factors?

I am not sure whether I am making the correct decision. Would be interested to know what the community thinks, having gone through similar decisions before?

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  • Leong Wen Fong
    Leong Wen Fong, Economics and Management at University of London
    Level 6. Master
    Answered on 15 Oct 2018

    I have been in the education sector (Private school, tution centre, private tutoring) for some time before, and the main reason why I prefer schools rather than tutoring is really the timing. If you are prepared to sacrifice social life (not that we don't have free time, but we usually work when others are not, and are free at times where others are working), then I would say it's a rather great earner and all in all, a fun job as well (as long as the parent's are not the difficult to handle kind).

    To be objective, the pros are:

    Great money

    Don't have to wake up so early

    Once you develop syllabus, the teaching part is relatively easy

    If reputation develops, group tuition can earn you quite a bit

    Some people ask "what about the flexibility? that's good right?" but flexibility is really only for the student. If they can't make it, you are the one who has to arrange your whole schedule for a make up lesson. Same for when either party is sick. During holidays, they go overseas at different weeks, you want to go for holiday at different weeks too, then how do you re-arrange the schedule?


    Have to deal with parents (although some are really nice)

    Have to deal with students who can't be bothered (most tiring)

    The whole "flexibility" thing I talked about

    Weekends are usually packed with classes (because that's the prime time for tutors)

    If you do something wrong (even if it's not true) it affects your rep really fast

    All in all, teach if you have passion for it, do tutoring if you don't mind the committing your life to growing young minds (who talk back). I loved my teaching days, but I have also seen my fair share of bad times!

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