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I have been working for 1.5 years and I am intending to quit soon. Is it advisable to quit without a job lining up? My notice period is 2 months.?

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    • Leong Wen Fong
      Leong Wen Fong
      118 Answers, 266 Upvotes
      Answered on 11 Dec 2018

      Better not. If you still need a job to support yourself, then it is best to have another job lined up before handing in your letter. You'll never know how long it takes for you to find a new job.

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    • Teoh Zetong
      Teoh Zetong
      11 Answers, 18 Upvotes
      Answered 6d ago

      hahha, it's always easy to throw the letter, find a job first before tendering.

      that said, if in your industry you find you keep getting rejected after citing your two months' notice period, you should consider quitting without any offer but at least have some interviews lined up.

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