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I have a diploma and I'm working in a good company. I have secured a place in NUS. My boss thinks I am performing very well, and is offering me a raise to stay. Should I give up my place in Uni?

I'm scheduled to leave in about 4 months time(going on a short trip before starting Uni). I've been working here for 4 months and I do enjoy working here, and my prospects seem to be good

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    • Lai Wei Jie
      Lai Wei Jie
      2 Answers, 7 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      About a 1% chance you will stay with this company till you retire, your degree gives you options outside of this job, your field/ major not withstanding.

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    • Geraldine Mark
      Geraldine Mark
      1 Answers, 2 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      You can consider deferring your studies for a year if that's an option. Gain that working experience so you enter Uni with a focused perspective on the specific skills and knowledge you want to grow. A degree is to get your foot in the industry you want to enter, after all.

      If the job doesn't work out or you find some aspects of it undesirable, at least you gave it a shot and you still hold your spot in Uni.

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    Daniel Ling
    Daniel Ling
    41 Answers, 66 Upvotes
    11 Dec 2018

    Agree with the rest.

    Adding a suggestion.

    Ask the boss to pay for your studies.

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